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Portable Massage Bed - Wood
Portable Massage Bed - Wood
Portable Massage Bed - Wood
Portable Massage Bed - Wood
Portable Massage Bed - Wood
Portable Massage Bed - Wood

Portable Massage Bed - Wood


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** Portable massage bed **
A portable massage bed with an attractive and unique design, easy to store, light in weight and easy to move, suitable for all ages and weights.
This bed has many wonderful features in addition to its innovative design.
It features an additional front armrest placed under the face in addition to the armrests on the sides, so that users can comfortably place their arms to the side or forward.
The possibility of adjusting the height of the bed for greater effectiveness and giving the therapist a better working space.
It is possible to lift the face up or down with the attached extra head holder in addition to the face slot in the bed internally to give a feeling of comfort to the massage recipient.
Moreover, you can move around this bed flexibly and easily by folding it and placing it in the bag designated for it with ease and speed.
Also supported by a bag spacious enough to accommodate a bed, with two convenient pockets for storing anything you can think of.
This is why it is one of the best massage beds we recommend.

* Height adjustable.
* Contains a front and two armrests for a more comfortable massage.
* Includes a head hole.
* Contains an extra head strap.
* Made entirely of solid wood for greater stability.
* Covered with a layer of premium leather.
* Measures 60cm x 186cm.
* 80 cm width when adding the side arms.
* Height 210 cm when adding a head strap.
* Able to bear a weight of 250 kg.
* Comfortable padding.
* Surface made of soft leather.
* Black color with a hand strap installed on the bed.
* A bag with a shoulder strap and a hand strap.
* The weight of the bed is 13.5 kg.